BA!DUM is a creative archive by Eileen Ahn :~)  

Hi, I study Neuroscience and Art and everything in between. Passionate about exploring different modes to bridge the misconstrued dichotomy of science and art, I like to dabble in both disciplines to find my creative synergy. I am currently interested in the cross-section of art, science, and tech. I aspire to use my interdisciplinary skills for academic equity to inspire different mediums of learning and teaching. 

why BA!DUM?

The name BADUM!(BA!DUM/Bah-dum or however you want to read it) surfaced from a conversation with my good friend Ahana, where we were in the middle of discussing the possibility of starting a personal writing project together. Right then, I told her my heart went badum! from excitement. Now I find badum! to be very endearing because it is a strange and silly term coined to share this very visceral and physical reaction of excitement I felt that I hope to adopt in many places and experiences alike. I first used this domain for my study abroad blog︎︎︎ where I documented my experience in Copenhagen, Denmark during fall 2019. Ba!dum has become a creative identity for me and I look forward to keeping this creative badum! going.

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