Nov 2020
UCI’s 1st annual Design-a-thon

The prompt was to design a desktop app that integrates seamlessly with an individual’s daily workflow and advocates for mindfulness and productivity.
Interaction, visual design, illustration, prototyping
The Design-a-thon lasted for 3 days, but ~24 hours were given for the actual project

BACKGROUND Modern-day productivity prospers conjunctly with capitalism - end-goal oriented production has become an obsession, but taking care of one's wellbeing isn't deemed productive. We wanted to design a product that could help not only with productivity but also serve as a well-being tracker to break this chain of incessant overwork.

Given the short project timeline, we focused mostly on personal reflections, friends’ testimonies, comparative analysis of existing apps, and web research to carry out user research. It was revealed that:

︎︎︎ Individuals relied on productivity apps for detailed brain dump to serve like a “second brain”   
︎︎︎ Individuals felt guilty or stressed if they don’t meet their endgoals (todo list for the day)︎︎︎ Individuals found it difficult for productivity and wellness to coexist

From these findings, we decided the product would identify the following key goals:

︎︎︎ We want users to get as detailed and/or as holistic as possible when creating their daily schedules     
︎︎︎ We want individuals to celebrate the total work done and take it day by day instead of getting caught up on long to-do lists
︎︎︎ We want the product to feature elements of both productivity and wellness

We were inspired by 8-8-8 rule of a balanced life (8 hours of work, 8 hours of sleep, 8 hours of recreation) to envision what our 24 hour looks like outside of work. Color-coded by work, rest, and play, 888 features a 24-hour clock that visually represents how one's day is allocated to bring awareness to daily habits.

︎︎︎ landing page and login

                                    ︎︎︎ 24 hour and listview clocks 

Due to lack of time, we weren’t able to add all the features we envisioned, but we believe this product had a lot of potential. We hoped to include the following:

︎︎︎ a mobile device syncing system that would represent the user’s sleeping habit, workout schedule, screen time, etc. on the 24 hour clock as an “inner circle” for holistic comparison

︎︎︎ gentle reminders of wellness throughout the day and elements of wellness exercises (breathing, yoga, etc) to return to

︎︎︎ a lock-in system that prevents or alerts users when they are about to add a chunk that exceeds 8 hours of work a day 

It was definitely a challenge to design a high-fidelity prototype during such a short amount of time. This project reminded me of the importance of user research. Given more time, I would have spent more time on user research specifically on ways to enhance wellbeing. 

Big thanks to Justine Guzman︎︎︎ and Julie Cho for making this project possible!